Alexa, Cancel the Timer

I finally spanked Lion last night. I said something to him about it and he said I really should do it. Then, he followed, we could have sex tonight. Apparently, he’s been waiting to have sex until after his spanking. I know we’ve gone round and round about sex and punishment being on the same night. Somewhere along the line, I must have said he can’t have sex until he’s been spanked. I think I meant it only for this time since it’s been a long time between spankings.

If, for example, he interrupts me on a Tuesday and I swat him that night, it does not necessarily follow that he will get sex Wednesday. What if he had sex Monday night? Would he be ready for sex again on Wednesday? Pre-Edex Lion would say, “of course!” It might be a bit soon for post-Edex Lion.

Anyway, the bigger “problem” is that he can’t manage to take a full, ten-minute punishment. The last three times (give or take) I’ve stopped with at least three minutes left on the timer. I’d even say the last two times were five minutes short. Is it because of the amount of time between spankings, or am I hitting him harder?

Maybe I’ve been hitting harder because, at that point, I don’t really care if I spank him or not, and maybe I’m attempting to end it early. I know I’ve been using wooden paddles more often, and those definitely hurt more. If it’s been a long time between spankings, I tease him about having a virgin butt again. I guess I can’t expect him to be able to take a hard punishment if I haven’t been consistently spanking him.

I’d vow to be more consistent, but with the upcoming move, I don’t want to promise anything. Plus, I don’t have the best track record of keeping promises like that anyway. So what I can say is I’ll try to do better.

[Lion — I didn’t ask Mrs. Lion to stop spanking me. I was a little surprised when she decided to stop before the timer went off. I have no idea why she thought I needed her to stop.]