Moving Sucks

Life intruded once again. After Mrs. Lion finished work we had to trek to a credit union to get cashier’s checks to finalize our lease for the new house. That took a while. We stopped at KFC and picked up a chicken dinner. By the time we got home, Mrs. Lion didn’t think about spanking me. We both had a hard time sleeping last night. I think it is the anxiety over having to move again.

I’m not sure if Mrs. Lion will be up to anything tonight. She’s had a busy, tiring day with little sleep. I will have to wait and see. This move is a little more difficult than our last one. We are moving over fifty miles from here to a different county. That means we will have to establish new doctors, shopping habits, everything! The new house is nicer than this one, but it is also closer to its neighbors. It seems that each time we move, our location becomes more urban. The tradeoff is that the new place is a modern tract house. The rooms aren’t very big, but the layout is good.

I’m not sure that either of us is very happy to be moving. We have no choice. At least neither of us has to commute. We both work from home. All we need is Internet and someplace for desks. The new house has three bedrooms. We’ll use two of them as offices.

Moving sucks.