I Think My Domestic Discipline Is Rooted In My Need To Be Spanked, And I’m Far From Alone

wife spanking husband

January 1 was punishment day. Mrs. Lion didn’t spank me, and I was relieved. Three spankings a week aren’t easy to take. However, I’m not going to argue if that is her choice. We need to get back on track, and if it takes three spankings a week to do it, I’m certainly willing. I wonder if I should remind her. I let her know it was punishment day, but I hadn’t prompted her for a spanking. [Mrs. Lion — I remembered. I was just lazy.] That brings up a second question. Should she make up the missed spanking today (January 2)?

We watched the Washington-Texas semi-finals last night. It was a true nail-biter. Since we live near Seattle, we were cheering for the Huskies. One good thing about living in the Pacific time zone is that the game ended at about 9:30 PM here. In the East, it was after midnight. We had time to stream a couple of “Rookie” reruns before going to sleep. Exciting life.

The question about whether or not to remind Mrs. Lion to do painful things to me keeps coming up. Part of me believes that I owe her reminders to spank me. Another part, probably the little kid in me, is happy to escape. Mrs.Lion goes both ways on this, too. I also worry that if I remind her, she will feel that I’m nagging her for attention. After all, shouldn’t she remember ?

It’s true that I’ve bought most of the spanking implements she uses. That’s how it generally works; the spanked partner ends up providing the painful means of their destiny. Yes, I know. I want to be spanked. Mrs. Lion’s interest in it is limited to providing me with something I need. I don’t think that’s going to change. The best I can hope for is that she likes the results her spankings produce. We’ve both noticed the educational benefits of giving me a sore bottom. That’s indisputable. It’s also embarrassing to me. I think the humiliation is a helpful component of my punishments.

The scientist in me likes to find the root causes of things. My analysis of domestic discipline generally upsets a lot of guys who would rather live in the fantasy and disregard the underlying facts. The first hard-to-swallow fact is that male domestic discipline is initiated by the man who wants to be spanked. I haven’t run across any couples where the wife initiated the practice. This makes sense since spanking has to be consensual if it isn’t going to be spousal abuse. Men in domestic discipline want it.

It’s harder to generalize about the women. Obviously, all of them are willing to spank their husbands. Some find it arousing to beat their men. I suspect that most are like Mrs. Lion; they spank their husbands because they were asked to do it. Most, discover the educational value of DD and make use of it. I think they also know that their men need their bottoms beaten on a regular basis. Like many kinky practices, domestic discipline is hard to sustain over time.

Another bit of strong evidence that domestic discipline is more than punishment comes from the almost universal desire to have others aware that the men are spanked by their wives. A great deal of blogging has been done about wishing that relatives and friends become aware of the spanking. A great deal of spanking fantasy centers on witnessed beatings. It seems to me that this is a desire for sexual humiliation.

There’s nothing wrong with any of this. I think that a woman would be far more likely to enter into a DD situation if she understood the underlying reason for the request. I strongly doubt that most women would like the idea of having to correct their husband’s behavioral issues with a paddle or strap. That represents a significant power exchange, almost putting the wife into the role of disciplinary mother. On the other hand, if she understands that there is a deep-seated need for spanking and that satisfying that need will help her man, she would probably be more inclined to say yes.

The fact that spanking does affect some behavioral changes is icing on the cake. If we want to be completely honest, the most important aspect of DD is that we get spanked on a regular basis. Yes, we like the power exchange too. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be writing about DD, would we?

The other obvious-but-often-overlooked fact is that most men don’t want to be reminded that they want to be spanked. They would rather live in the fantasy that they need spanking to improve their behavior. It’s a harmless role play. I don’t like it when Mrs. Lion reminds me that I’m being spanked because I want it. I would much rather believe I need the discipline.

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