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I have to admit that I’m confused. Mrs. Lion has been writing about wanting to spank me, play, and have sex. Yet, in real life, she has been distant and apparently uninterested in anything involving me. This afternoon (Sunday), I asked what she had on her agenda. She responded that she planned on clearing some cartons in the living room. Not even slightly promising.

Is she waiting for me to ask her to spank me? That makes no sense at all. When it comes to sex, for the last couple of months, I have had to ask her. That’s uncomfortable at best. I guess it’s time to give up. She is absolutely uninterested. Yesterday, she wrote (“A Nice, Long Weekend“) that she owes me a spanking for interrupting her. Once again, in real life, she’s been silent.

This is one of those situations that I’m not well equipped to handle. Here’s what I face. When I finish this post and go into the bedroom to watch TV, she will tell me that I was busy watching TV, so she didn’t have a chance to do so (fill in the blank). If I stay here in my office, I’ll get the same answer. There’s nothing I can do or not do that will trigger anything interactive.

If she decides to read this post before it’s too late to play, she might respond verbally. I’m not counting on it. My guess is that she’ll do the cartons, water the epiphytes, and then go back to her iPad. If she reads my post, there’s no guarantee that she will respond. Her usual comment is, “It was a good post.” The subject matter is ignored.

No matter. I love her and will spend the rest of my life with her.

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