In her most recent post, Mrs. Lion talked about escalating punishments for multiple offenses. Her post responded to mine (“Serial Punishments“). She suggested that she could just add new elements to my punishment: time on the painful punishment stool, mouth soaping, and tiny clothespins on the head of my cock.

We briefly discussed this after I read the post. A couple of things concerned me: Sitting on the punishment stool after a spanking as well as mouth soaping are both things she does now as  part of punishment for a single offense. The tiny clothespins (made for dollhouse play) have only been used as part of a BDSM scene. It’s true that they are terribly painful and could certainly be part of punishment. It’s just that they’ll be used in a new context.

That shouldn’t bother me too much. Spanking was always part of our play scenes. It successfully made the transition for dual use. I suppose the same will be true for those clothespins. I’m definitely afraid of them. Two are horribly painful. I have no idea how more would feel. Worse yet, they hurt more coming off than they do going on.

We didn’t play in the sling yesterday afternoon. We ended up doing some needed shopping and then out to dinner at a Chinese dumpling restaurant. During our shopping trip, we stopped at an oriental market. I got an eggroll and Mrs. Lion checked out the fresh ginger. She reported that there was nothing of appropriate size. Fortunately, we have some in the refrigerator. We spent the evening watching TV, snuggling and relaxing. We had a good day together.

Today, we will undoubtedly end up in the dungeon. I know pegging is on the menu, perhaps ginger too. Though the ginger will have to be the appetizer. Once the lube goes in for pegging, it will insulate against the “warming” effects of the ginger.

And now for something completely different.

I get several emails a week from chefsteps.com. I found this site when I researched sous vide cooking. This is a “modernist” cooking method that is nothing short of miraculous. To use this method, you need a sous vide machine. This is a very accurately controlled heating device with a circulating pump that is capable of holding water in a vessel at a precise temperature.

The way it works is simple. If you heat the water to the temperature that you want your final cook to be; for example, medium-rare steak is 139 degrees F, then immerse the meat sealed in a plastic bag, it can stay in the meat for hours and never overcook. Just take the steak out of the bag and sear it on both sides. You get a perfectly cooked steak.

Anyway, chefsteps has clear, detailed instructions for all sorts of foods. Yesterday I read about and watched videos on how to prepare a standing rib roast. I could never replicate what I saw them do; at least not without a bunch of tries. Given that this meat goes for about $15/lb, I can’t afford too many test runs.

However, I’ve learned other useful stuff on that site. I love being on their mailing list. Even if I never cook much that they demonstrate, I am entertained by simply learning about new ways to cook. It’s a non-sexual expression of my curiosity.

In case you wondered, we are having a turkey breast for our holiday dinner. Mrs. Lion isn’t very fond of roast beef and I don’t like ham. So, when it comes to festive dinners, we are left with turkey. Before living with Mrs. Lion, I cooked goose (meh) and duck (yum!). Both are considerable trouble and my lioness prefers simpler fare.

I’m fine with that. I love turkey. More importantly, I love her.