Behavioral Health Insurance Mrs. Lion Style

We cooked our beef shoulder roast sous vide for ten hours overnight on Saturday. Mrs. Lion put it in the refrigerator until an hour before dinner on Sunday. I’m sorry to report that the meat was still very tough. We are going to return it to the sous vide today (Monday)  for several hours and try again. This time we’ll increase the temperature from 140o F to 145o F. The meat was pale pink at 140o.

We are still planning on sous vide turkey for Thanksgiving. The instructions for prepping the turkey seem complex but are really fairly simple. In past years, we roasted a turkey breast and then removed it whole from the bone before slicing. It’s easy surgery. The trick is to get the timing right. There are two approaches. The first is to put a probe thermometer in the meat and monitor the temperature. The second is to use a chart created by several sous vide experts. I haven’t decided which approach would be best for us. We may just put the turkey in (145o F yields the same texture as a perfectly roasted bird) for six or seven hours. That should be more than enough. That’s the good thing about sous vide; extra cook time won’t affect the food.

behavioral health coverage

My health insurance coverage open enrollment window is now open. I just got an email about my behavioral health coverage. That got me thinking. I already have in-house behavioral health coverage: Mrs. Lion’s program. As you probably know, her program is simple, inexpensive, and effective.

My policy offers comprehensive behavioral improvement benefits. I receive regular assessments during which behavioral standards are reviewed. Corrections are provided at no extra cost. Close personal attention is a feature of this coverage. One important feature is that this policy includes unlimited corrections at no extra cost.

Preexisting conditions are given attention at no extra cost. Mrs. Lion’s behavioral health policy is comprehensive with no options available. Subscribers are advised to take care when sitting after a correction.