Mrs. Lion promised to spank me in her post on Friday (“The Die is Cast“). She followed through in her usual lioness fashion. As soon as I got out of the shower, she set up the spanking bench. I noticed and, as soon as she set it up, I mounted it. She didn’t say a word. She rarely speaks when she spanks me. She got out a paddle, and as she swatted me, she said this was my warmup. Shortly after that, she asked Alexa to start a ten-minute timer.

She then proceeded to spank me with a variety of wood and leather paddles. It was very intense and I was yelping and kicking my feet the entire time. At one point, it was so painful that I reached back and touched her leg. “Are you trying to grab me?” she asked.

I didn’t answer. I had no idea what she would do if I admitted I was. She swatted harder and faster. When the timer went off, she said, “You asked for more intense, didn’t you?”

I didn’t answer. She was hitting too hard for me to get words out. The timer was done, but she wasn’t. As she kept hitting me, she said that I had been bleeding, but she didn’t care. When she finally finished, she went to the bed and put the coconut welcome mat on the bed. “I think this is where your butt goes,” she said.. “If it’s off, you can adjust it.” She gave me her sweet smile.

The mat was in the right place, and it dug into my sore buns. She left the room and went to the kitchen to make dinner. After a while, she returned and told me that she had a reason to spank me after all. I hadn’t finished setting up the coffee maker. She returned to the kitchen without further comment. I tried not to squirm on the irritating mat. After fifteen more minutes, she returned and told me I could remove the mat. It felt very good to lie on the cool sheets.

I have two sore spots, one on each cheek. I can feel them as I sit at my desk writing this post. Mrs. Lion is starting to get her mojo back. She will almost certainly continue turning up the volume if she stays interested in our FLR.

Inertia works two ways. Inaction breeeds more inaction. That’s been Mrs. Lion’s problem over the years. But, once action begins, inertia keeps things going. If Mrs. Lion develops a disciplinary habit, her interest and my corrections will increase in frequency and severity. I want that. Our communication and affection increases in direct proportion with the intensity of our disciplinary marriage.

For the record, my toenails are still unpainted, and my lioness hasn’t put in panties.

Listen to this post.