She Finally Spanked Me. Now She Says I Need A Spanking Every Day

Silicone paddle just the right size to reach into my crack, Mrs. Lion’s new favorite spot to hit.

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Mrs. Lion took out the spanking bench on Tuesday night. She gave me a rather mild (for her) “Just Because” spanking. It had me yelping almost the entire time. As usual, she ignored my protests and went about her business. She commented on each paddle as she applied it to my freshly-showered rear end. She also commented about a new technique she created. She spread my crack wide and spanked right down to my tender anus. She seemed to enjoy this new twist. I didn’t. I know, I know, that’s the point.

When she finished, she commented that I was too wimpy and muttered that I might need daily spankings. I can’t argue with her logic. I wonder if she will follow through. Speaking of that, when I got out of the shower, she asked if I wanted to be spanked on my freshly-washed ass or if I wanted to wait a while. I said it was up to her. She elected to spank me then and there. I commented that if I had asked for a later spanking, she probably would have forgotten to do it. She didn’t disagree. I wonder if she will remember what she said about daily spankings.

Meanwhile, I continue to feel horny and I have been having floppy erections when I think about sex. This is encouraging. It’s also no shock that Mrs. Lion’s spanking didn’t hurt my slow recovery. Unfortunately, she has been a little under the weather. She’s been stuffy and uncomfortable. Sex may have to wait until she feels better.

I’m also encouraged that despite her congestion, she spanked me. We both need to restore the disciplinary attention I have received over the last bunch of years. When Mrs. Lion is in lion-catching mode, we both do better. It’s way too easy to fall into a non-sexual, roommate mode. That never happens when she’s on the hunt for reasons to punish me.

I’m sure that sounds odd to some domestic discipline guys, but it’s how we function best. Strict domestic discipline is both an aphrodisiac for me and an expression of love. I think Mrs. Lion shares this in her own way. I think that our rather unusual way of connecting is a structure that has evolved to help us stay close and connected. It transcends sexual activity. It may have begun and is partly fueled by my sexualization of spanking, but it’s much more. It’s a structured connection that underlines Mrs. Lion’s important role in my life and our marriage. There’s nothing like a bruised bottom to remind me that she’s present and has a strong voice in my life. If she follows through this time, i will have a thoroughly bruised bottm and a very strong knowledge that I’m loved.