Time for 300 Swats Again?

Long, long ago, in a house far away (I think it was the other house. I’m too lazy to look back at earlier posts), we did an experiment involving Lion getting 300 swats. I can’t remember how often he got those swats, but I think it was designed to get him used to being spanked more and to get me used to spanking him more. I can’t believe I gave him that many swats on a daily basis. However, doing it only on punishment days seems like too few times. Maybe we need to do that experiment again. [Lion — It was about five years ago, and I received the “experimental” swats about five times a week. Mrs. Lion didn’t worry about the condition of my bottom. She may be right about repeating it.]

While he was showering, I decided I would swat his buns when he came out. Then I wondered if he’d be cold or tired. Well, cold. If he were tired, a spanking would certainly wake him up. I gave him the choice of being spanked then or after dinner. I figured he was out of bed, and I was thinking about it. Then seemed like the best choice. Lion agreed.

I don’t know how many swats I gave him. I didn’t think about the 300 until this morning. I do know his butt has seemingly returned to virgin status. The slightest swats make him yelp. He really does need to be spanked more. I mentioned he might get swats every day. I’ll have to figure out how the 300 swats fit into an everyday thing. Maybe it doesn’t. There’s nothing wrong with doing a different experiment.

This morning, as I was thinking about things that need to be done, I decided I need to get rid of a few returns back to Amazon we have laying around here. Since I’ll be close to the grocery store, I can pick up the winning lottery ticket and a few things we need. More importantly, I want Lion to do a shot of boner juice. The other night, the injection didn’t work at all. It’s possible he missed the mark. We need to try again. If I time it right, I’ll be back not too long after he gets out of the shower and we can give that boner a workout.

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