The Internet has spawned some very odd kinks. One of the strangest (to me) is the “tribute picture.” This is a photo of a print of another photo, usually a naked woman, with fresh ejaculate on it also showing a man’s dripping penis. Yuck! Well, as I understand it, this started as unsolicited, gross spam that men sent to women on various social media. It’s an escalation of the dick-pic.

I figured that getting images like this would be a good reason to stop accepting private messages. I know about this because some men (or their women targets) repost these images on Twitter and other media. To my enormous surprise, I saw this tweet the other day.

She was disappointed that no one had sent her the requested image. I’m pretty sure that masturbating on a picture and then sending an image of the result is definitely an internet phenom. It surprises me that what started as disgusting internet spam is becoming an erotic expression of appreciation.

I think I get it. In one sense, it’s visual garbage. Not many women like looking at spilled semen. But in another way, it’s something of value. Most men have a limited supply of semen. After we pass thirty, our ability to recharge and ejaculate again escalates from minutes to hours. As we age, it grows to days. So, sending visual proof of ejaculation is a way of saying that the woman whose picture received the gift is worth losing the ability to orgasm for a period of time. It also visually proves that her picture turns him on.

There aren’t many ways for an inarticulate man to let a woman know she is arousing if he is restricted to the Internet. The tried-and-true way is to send a picture of his erection, the classic dick-pic. This image isn’t personalized for the recipient. The same image can (and probably is) be sent to many women. The tribute picture is a one-woman-only statement of sexual attraction. It’s personalized and has a real cost to the sender. The fact that the subject matter isn’t particularly pleasing can be overlooked.

I’ve never been tempted to provide “tribute” to anyone online. The idea doesn’t appeal to me. Sure, it shows sexual attraction in an extremely graphic and personal way, but it doesn’t show the feelings that generate the arousal. In the case of the tweet above, is the message being sent that seeing a nice ass makes me hard and want to ejaculate? A puddle of semen on the picture of her butt doesn’t suggest he wants to hold her or give her pleasure. He’s saying, “Just show me  your ass, and I’ll come for you.”

There may be a different kind of currency involved. Maybe the woman wants sexual payment for her taking the trouble to show her body on Twitter. Maybe a couple of semen puddles will make her feel appreciated. I can see that. It’s always nice to be appreciated.

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  1. Or could this just be a guy trying to mess with everyone else

    1. Author

      She’s real. She posts frequently. I guess she likes to see pictures of semen.

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