Remember all the stuff I tossed in the pantry when Lion was having someone help him with his antenna? Yeah, well now it has to be cleaned out so I can wax him. Ha! Good luck with that. In addition, he wanted his “kitchen cart” available so he can make pizza dough. He got a metal cart a few years ago and put the KitchenAid mixer and food processor on it, since there’s very little counter space in the kitchen. The carpet shampooer and vacuum were in front of the cart because there’s no room in the pantry because of all the stuff that I threw in there.

Before I even started, I knew it was a losing battle. What I wanted to do was unbury the cart and then create a pathway to pull the waxing cart out of the pantry. We have the second massage table that Lion laments we never use. I can set that up and wax him. He’s a little upset thinking I’m not going to clean the pantry. I never said I wasn’t going to clean it. I just decided to fight the battles I could win at the moment. I have freed up the cart. Now I can dig out the waxing cart. Good thing we like things on wheels.

Last night, he mentioned something about going to the casino. I don’t know when he planned on going. This morning, he asked again if I was going to clean out the pantry. And then he asked if we could do something about sex. I finally spanked him the other night. I wasn’t a punishment spanking. I started out very slow to give his born-again butt time to warm up. I figure by now it must be virgin territory again. I ramped up a little bit, but I never got to full-blown punishment swats. And then I played with my weenie a little bit.

I doubt we’ll make it to the casino. The pantry will be cleaner than it was, but still not clean. And Lion can do whatever strength boner juice he wants so he can try for an orgasm. And he’ll be waxed tomorrow. I’d say that’s a pretty good weekend in the life of a Lion.

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