Nobody told me that I would have a problem with orgasms. I gradually lost the ability to get an erection without help. For a long time, Viagra or Cialis did a good job. Then, they didn’t. I felt horrible disappointing Mrs. Lion when she worked hard to get me aroused. I did my homework and went to see a specialist in erectile dysfunction. She prescribed Trimix injections. A nurse showed me how to inject the drug into my penis. Yeah, that was a little scary.

I had to go through the rather long process of increasing doses of Trimix until I achieved a solid erection. The first version of the drug didn’t work very well, I tried Quadmix, which added a fourth drug to the blend. It worked, but the erections were painful. Next, I got a new, stronger version of Trimix. That works well. Great, right? Nope, not so far.

I went through a brief process of increasing doses to find the best erection. I did. The problem was that I didn’t have an orgasm no matter what Mrs. Lion tried. I would get excited, and it felt like I was on the way. Then, the arousal would just go away. Ready to ejaculate one second, disinterested the next. It was like a switch turned off.

We’ve been talking about what we can do. I suggested that I back off the dosage and go to one that doesn’t make me quite as hard but hard enough to get the action going. Mrs. Lion agreed. That was last week. I’m not very happy about trying again. I don’t like how it feels when that switch turns off.

At the time of this writing (Monday, July 17, 2023), it’s been 59 days since my last orgasm. This is the longest dry spell since I began masturbating when I was eleven. I’m wondering if I’ve had my last orgasm. That is a very scary thought. If sex is over for me, does that mean I should stop writing about it? Maybe I need to start a new blog about bird watching or stamp collecting. That doesn’t appeal to me.

I just don’t know. Is this man-o-pause? Is there such a thing? What do I do to live with it? Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in sex, so if anything, she should be relieved. I don’t know how to handle this if it turns out that I’ve had my last orgasm. Nothing has prepared me for this eventuality. Mrs. Lion wants to try again. Maybe tonight I’ll do another injection and we can see where things lead. If nothing else, it feels very good to be hard.

[Mrs. Lion — I really hope it wasn’t his last orgasm. I know how important sex is to him. Just because I don’t want any doesn’t mean I don’t want him to have it. We’ll try tonight and if that doesn’t work, we’ll try again another night. I’m not giving up. (And if it does work tonight, we’ll certainly try again. After we celebrate.)]

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