I Need A Spanking

Posts like this almost always get me in trouble. Yes, Mrs. Lion, I know what’s coming after you read this. Last week, Mrs. Lion wrote a post titled “Looming Swats.” It promised me a spanking before the weekend was out. Nope, no spanking. Mrs. Lion has been a bit under the weather. That may have interfered with her plan. I suspect she forgot.

Part of me is happy that she did. But in my heart, I know we need to get back on track. It isn’t that I’m running wild and breaking rules right and left. I think we both feel that something is missing. The question is, what can I do to help? I suppose I could try to provoke a punishment. No, that’s something I never want to do consciously. Writing this post is a less-than-subtle reminder. It’s not why I’m writing this. I want to bring back the fun and the feeling of balance I had when we were actively pursuing our DD.

I know that there are natural ebbs and flows in disciplinary relationships. It takes energy and focus to be a disciplinary wife. Mrs. Lion doesn’t always have that energy to spare. It’s been very rare that we’ve gone this long without spanking. Today (Tuesday), it’s been 28 days since my last spanking and 53 days since my last orgasm. The lack of orgasms isn’t Mrs. Lion’s fault. I’ve been unable to have them. Maybe adding back spankings would help in that department.

Long ago, we decided that we both needed me to be spanked fairly often. Over the years, my bottom has been subjected to frequent visits by Mrs. Lion’s paddles. It has worked for us. Maybe my ED and difficulty with orgasm discouraged Mrs. Lion from pursuing domestic discipline. I don’t know. I do know that I want to bring it back. There, I said it. I need a spanking.

Listen to this post.


  1. I can so relate to this. It’s such a tangled mess of need and desire, and genuine desires to please and be held accountable. Not many outside of this community would have the tiniest fraction of a clue of what it’s like to be the submissive half of these domestic equations.

    I hope this all pans out for you both. It’s therapeutic and in the case of people like us…….well, not to be overly melodramatic but……necessary.

    Currently I am in a similar though not identical situation. Perhaps this feeling of submissive comradery is fueling this post, but whatever the reason, I am solidly in both of your corners. So…..LOL……just do it already! What can it hurt besides a pair of willing butt-cheeks? 😉

    1. Author

      Thanks for the good wishes. I think we will slowly but surely get back on track.

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