All You Gotta Do….

I stupidly thought the antenna stuff would be done once it was in place and connected. Nope. The ham radio guy, who assembled and erected the antenna largely by himself (thank God because I would have been out of patience just unpacking it), has to come back Saturday to finalize some things. In the meantime, Lion has been taking his new radio for a spin.

At some point before the ham radio guy comes back, I have to go back on the stupid roof (I swear it’s the last time) to attach a line higher up on the first antenna so the signal on one of the bands on the new antenna will be better. I need to do battle with the maple tree again so branches aren’t in the way. And I need to finish mowing the lawn. Oh, by the way, it’s 85 degrees and expected to be that way for the foreseeable future. That will make the roof super enjoyable.

As I was cleaning the house by throwing everything in the pantry, I knew Lion would announce he needed to be waxed. Yup. He mentioned it yesterday or the day before. I’m in no hurry. I didn’t want to throw all that stuff in the pantry to begin with, but he needed his antenna done right away. I know he thinks he needs waxing done right away, but it’s not happening. I’ve been running on let’s-do-whatever-Lion-wants-to-do speed for so long that I’m burned out. I’ve been snippy with him lately. He doesn’t see that he expects everything to be done right now. (Right this minute. I can’t wait until the weekend. I want it now.)

I needed to loosen the line holding part of the antenna wire. I noticed the antenna leaning Tuesday night. I wasn’t dressed when I told Lion about it. I wasn’t dressed much of yesterday morning. During my coffee break from work, I made coffee and also helped him with something nominally radio-related. When I was done with work, I made lunch and took him to the doctor. He asked if I had loosened the line. When would I have done it? (Hint: the answer is “now.”)

I’m done with right now. I’ll finish up the antenna stuff on Saturday. All I gotta do (I hate that phrase) is tie down some wires and bury the communication cable. Then all I gotta do is shift into me mode. I’m not doing anything radio/antenna related after that. I bought a shade for our back deck that needs to be installed. That’s a me thing. I’m not saying it won’t piss me off to install it, but it doesn’t need to be done right now. I can wait. Do I want to sit in the shade? Yes. I wanted to sit in the shade a few years ago when I first suggested it, and Lion said he didn’t think it was a good idea. Too bad. It’s me time. Of course, now he thinks it’s a good idea.

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  1. Well, if you do go on the roof be safe, and shade in the backyard is always great it was ,98° here to day in Texas, but most of all have a great weekend and a 4th July

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