Ham Radio Blah Blah

I didn’t get any frustrations taken out on the ground rod simply because the frustration was the ground rod. Well, it wasn’t entirely all of the frustrations. When we were out on Saturday, Lion was listening to his ham radio in the car. While I was picking up his contacts, he was talking to one of his newfound friends. I know he was considering asking for help setting up the new antenna. I didn’t know if he had. Toward the end of the conversation, the friend said it sounded like the antenna setup will be long and frustrating, but it’s a hobby, after all.

I’m starting to think ham radio operators are like car enthusiasts. They talk about the radio they have, the radio they want, how they have the radio set up, and what antenna they have/want. It’s a series of model numbers and frequencies that only make any sense if you’re a ham radio operator. Any time I’ve gone to car shows, it was to see old cars or cool paint jobs. I don’t care what size engine it has or how long it took to put the widget on the whatchamacallit. I envision getting my ham radio license only never to use it. I don’t care about model numbers and frequencies. Anyway, I have to hook up the ground wire to the ground rod, and then we’ll have fun with the next antenna.

I think the thing that’s annoying me most about this radio thing is that everything needs to be done right now. Right this minute. Let’s go! Didn’t I climb on the roof to put up an antenna already? Yup. But the signal can’t reach Guam. We need a bigger antenna. Now! It was supposed to get here tomorrow, but it arrived today. Why haven’t I installed it yet? Time’s a-wastin’.

I know he wants to try the boner juice again. But he also wants to start putting the antenna together. Which will win? Decisions, decisions.

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