When some men start to discuss discipline, their wives answer, “Do you need a spanking?” So far, Mrs. Lion hasn’t asked me that question. If she does, I would have to answer that I do. I probably always do.  Maybe one reason she doesn’t ask is that she knows the answer and doesn’t want to add the work of spanking me to her list of chores. At least, that’s how it seems to me.

She doesn’t seem to like talking about spanking or our disciplinary relationship. I wonder why. I suspect that she is a bit uncomfortable with her role. Maybe that’s why her paddles are gathering dust. We should talk about it.

On Sunday afternoon, I tried another, larger dose of Quadmix. It produced a better erection that was still a bit less rigid than I would like. The problem was that it hurt. The injection wasn’t painful. I rarely feel the needle. My penis hurt as though it was struggling with the pressure of the blood being pumped in. That couldn’t be the problem, and I wasn’t near my hardest. I sent a note to the urologist asking what we should do next. I suggested a stronger version of Trimix. An erection that hurts isn’t particularly useful.

I’m getting discouraged. Even the Trimix erections aren’t terribly comfortable. I imagine that once I get the right strength of Trimix and the right quality of boner, I will have a good time. If not, I’ll have to give up. I’m not sure what that means. I could put the Trimix into our deep freeze just in case I get desperate enough to try again. Right now I’m not ready to quit, but I can see myself giving up if things don’t get better soon.

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