Performance Enhancing Drug

We didn’t go to the ham radio club meeting last night. Lion was talking to someone yesterday who is in a larger club with a Zoom meeting on Saturday. I figured that was even better because he can do the meeting and I can do chores. Nope. Apparently, he wants me to be part of the meeting. Okay, I can spare an hour on a Saturday morning.

Today, he learned there’s a ham radio event later in June that’s part swap meet, part class, part socializing, etc. He’s excited. I’m less so. However, we don’t have many friends, and we really should get out and mingle. I’m just not sure how much I’ll have in common with radio fanatics. To be fair, Lion wouldn’t have much in common with anyone I’d make friends with either.

Tuesday night Lion did an injection of Trimix with an increased dosage. He used a cock ring and that seemed to help him maintain the erection while on his back. The problem remains that he’s not very turned on despite having a raging hard-on. (Click here to see it in all its glory) I think he’s probably concentrating too much on the drug, and that’s hindering horniness. We’ll have to work on that.

On that note, he said my sucking him felt good, but he wasn’t going to get any further. I wondered if it feeling good would be enough for him. In other words, if he could use the boner juice to get hard and never have another orgasm, would feeling good be worth it? There’s obviously nothing to suggest he won’t ever have an orgasm again. It was just a thought that popped into my head. I do think of weird things.

I don’t know when our next round of boner juicing will take place. (Should all orgasms after the juicing have an asterisk to signify the performance-enhancing drug?) Once we know he has the dose right, and he may very well have it now, we can concentrate on getting him turned on.


  1. I got a ham radio license when I was in high school (may have been junior high). Still remember my call sign. But, I’m a little surprised it’s still a thing in the day of international Zoom video chats. But, I’m sure a gathering of enthusiasts would be fun. I find that meeting people you share hobbies with is about the only way to make friends in retirement.

    1. I’m not sure that I wanted to join to make friends, but now that I’m on it looks like a good way to make friends.

  2. ” get hard and never have another orgasm”
    Just the thought of this is somewhat terrifying and yet very exciting to me. Our experiences over the last five years or so with orgasm control and denial have taught me that the arousal and accompanying sex play is the best part. Orgasm is great, but when I am at that edge and there is a choice as to whether I am allowed to come or not, I enjoy when my wife decides that I can’t. Of course this plays into the control aspect. If I am not allowed to come it is sexual. If I am just not able to physically it would be downright depressing, but I suppose natural as we age. Maybe that is a short lived topic for a new blog. “How to gracefully age out of sexual activity, a guide for loving couples”.

    1. I suppose our blog is a sort of guide for gracefully aging with sexual activity. I don’t agree about never having another orgasm. Even though it’s been a decade of orgasm control, I still long for them.

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