We are trying to adapt to the latest change in our sex lives. Now that I’m using Quadmix at a dosage that produces a decent erection for over two hours, we need to figure out what to do next. At this point, both of us are a little skittish. Even though I’m hard, I’m not feeling very aroused. I think that this is due to the newness of my chemically-induced boner. It feels like a regular erection, but not exactly the same.

For one thing, the process of preparing the strings, then injecting the drug into my penis isn’t very sexy. It’s exacting and requires my full attention to get it right. Then, I spend the next three minutes putting pressure on the injection spot. That’s needed to prevent bruising. Then I have to clean up and make sure that I put the Quadmix back in the fridge. My erection arrives regardless of what I’m doing. That feels weird. My penis is reacting without my brain’s help.

From my perspective, this is the hardest part of the process to manage. As I start to get hard, it feels exactly the same as it did when I got erect from physical or mental stimulation. It’s nice but confusing. I’m not turned on! Then I go into the bedroom to show Mrs. Lion what I made. She likes it and begins paying attention to it. I get myself across the bed, and she uses her mouth.

At that point, my brain is starting to catch up with my penis. It feels very good. I’m still worrying that my erection will fade. The drug-induced woody hurts a little. It’s the sort of psin I would sometimes get if I got too hard. It isn’t a bad feeling, but it’s distracting. That ache persisted the entire time I was hard. I’ve read about painful erections, but this is the first time I got a hint of what it might feel like.

Mrs. Lion suggested that I back off on the dose. That’s a good idea. I’m going to try again tonight (Friday) with the full .30 ml amount. We both want to verify that I get the same result tonight that I got earlier this week. If I do, the next time, I’ll try .25 ml and see if I still get about as hard, maybe without the small pain. Don’t get me wring, if it hurts a bit, I will still be happy. It will just be one more thing to learn to accept.

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