Stinky Pits And Positional Erectile Dysfunction

Our streaming TV box went wonky again this morning, so we couldn’t watch our morning news. Instead, we listened to NPR. After the newscast, a piece about smelly pits came on. The commentator said that she had been testing various natural deodorants. She reported that they didn’t prevent her from emitting a scent. She pointed out that many commercial deodorants contain aluminum which acts to clog pores and prevent sweating. Some people believe that aluminum contributes to breast cancer and other diseases.

She went on to say that body odor is genetic. A group of genes has been located that is associated with smelly sweat. Asians often don’t have these genes and as a result, don’t get BO. Interesting. I’m not Asian, but I don’t tend to get smelly. I’ve never used underarm deodorant. Neither I, nor any of my partners have detected any BO. I never gave it any real thought. I have a stick of deodorant I bought twenty years ago. I’ve used it when getting dressed up for an important event. I can’t remember the last time I used it. Since all of my ancestors are European, I can’t understand how this happened.

Another useless fact about me.

new development on the Erection Front

I injected .35 ml of Quadmix into my penis on Sunday afternoon. The resulting erection was a little better, but not insertion-quality. However, we observed a disturbing thing. My erection was good when I was standing. When I lay down on the bed, it faded to a floppy state. When I stood up, it returned. Lying down caused it to fade. I did a web search. This is called positional erectile dysfunction. Apparently, it’s caused by veinous leakage.

From what I’ve read, the cause of this problem is that blood is allowed to flow back into the body from the penis when I lie down. When I stand, gravity helps keep it where it belongs. This problem isn’t cured by Quadmix or any other erectile drug. I can’t know if this is the problem without diagnostic tests. What can be done about it isn’t exciting.

The simplest solution I read about is for me to put on a tight, rubber penis ring after I get fully erect. That will help prevent blood from leaking out of my erection. I guess we can try that. Other solutions involve surgery to insert penile implants that use various mechanical methods to produce boners on demand. I’m not terribly interested in something that drastic.

I’ve emailed my urologist about this development. I’m sure she’s dealt with it before. Meanwhile, I’ll work on developing the correct dose of Quadmix. I’ll also order a penis ring. She responded by recommending a Venoseal Adjustable Penile Constriction Loop. This device isn’t pretty but is medically proven to help. I’ve ordered one along with a selection of silicone cock rings. is on the warpath

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