Mrs. Lion’s High Wire Act

Wednesday, I tried a .40 ml dose of Trimix. I hoped this would be the magic amount needed for a firm boner. No such luck. I was a little harder than I was with the .35 ml dose, but nowhere near good enough for insertion. The erection lasted about a half hour before it started to taper off. I don’t get completely soft, just too soft for any fun as the drug wears off. It’s completely gone in about two hours. My next try will be .45 ml. Maybe I can do that tomorrow night. We’re going to run out of Trimix pretty soon. I’m hoping to hit the magic amount before we’re out.

Even though Mrs. Lion worked hard to get me going, her efforts to jerk me off just didn’t do it. Maybe I was distracted by my studying for the ham radio license exam. I’m scheduled to take it today (Friday). I’m scoring over 90 percent on the practice exams. They use the actual question pool that will be on the test. With any luck, I’ll pass.

Mrs. Lion is set to get on a ladder and mount my antenna. I always worry when she does things like this. She doesn’t want to pay a handyman to do this work. I know she’s good with tools, but still, she’ll be at least fifteen feet in the air. It’s a little tricky. She has to strap a chimney antenna bracket onto the wood stove’s chimney. Then she has to deal with the ten-foot steel pole that carries the antenna. That isn’t easy. It’s heavy, and mounting the antenna is a little tricky. I’m going to try to be on the ground to hold things and to help. If I can be there, maybe we can mount and wire the antenna on the ground, and then I can hand it up for her to mount to the chimney.

Wish us luck.