Today is Fathers Day (yes, I know, this post publishes on Monday). I’m hoping my daughter will remember and call me. She hasn’t been very good about things like this. She was much closer to her mother. Also, I’m 3,000 miles away from her and her family. Oh well.

It’s been thirty days since my last orgasm. I tried out my new, stronger Trimix on Saturday night. I started with a .30 ml dose. Predictably, it didn’t produce a usable boner. If Mrs. Lion is up for it, I’ll try .40 ml tonight. That has a chance of working. I’m guessing that I’ll need to up it to at least .50 before I have a real chance. In case you were wondering, I am very ready to get off.

We’ve been doing a bunch of non-sexual things. Our power went out just before Mrs. Lion was going to prepare dinner on Friday night. We heard an explosion, and the lights went out. I guess a transformer blew up. The power was back two-and-a-half hours later. While the lights were out, Mrs. Lion went to a local barbecue place and brought back a yummy cheat dinner. I had St. Louis ribs, baked beans, and potato salad. Mrs. Lion had a brisket sandwich.

On Saturday, we ran a few errands. While we were out, we cheated again and brought home Jersey Mike’s subs. Each one was over a thousand Calories. We’ll make up for the extra during the week. Mrs. Lion rested and then played on her computer. I watched some TV. Then, at about five, I took a shower and did the Trimix injection. I didn’t expect much, and that’s exactly what I got. The good news was that the mushy erection didn’t hurt. The more potent Trimix is more agreeable to my penis.

Today, we have some more chores. Mrs. Lion is going to go outside with me so we can measure how much cable we will need for the new HF ham antenna. My new radio is coming on Monday, and the antenna is arriving from England on Tuesday. We have almost everything we need. The plan is to put up the antenna next Saturday. It’s a big project. The structure is a slender, thirty-foot-high fiberglass structure. We have to run wires up the sides that act as antennas for various bands. The process of erecting it requires testing and then trimming the wires to “tune” them for best operation. It will take hours. Mrs. Lion isn’t excited about this effort but has gamely agreed to do it with me.

Today, Mrs. Lion can get out some frustration with a sledgehammer. We need to drive an eight-foot-long ground stake. The new radio and antenna require their own private ground. That’s too bad because the house’s electrical ground stake is very close to where we are driving ours.

Getting and using a ham radio license is one of the very few remaining items on my bucket list. Thanks to Mrs. Lion, I’m getting it. What a wonderful wife!

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