Sometimes It’s Hard To Get Hard

When we started this blog, almost all of our visitors came from the United States and Canada. About eighty percent found us on search engines. That’s not surprising. There was no other way to know that we existed. Over the years, our audience has become much more global. I noticed this but figured everyone who visited spoke English. Our web logs show what language browsers are set to read. This attribute can be read by a website that offers multiple language translations. We added a machine-translation plugin to offer our site to non-English readers. We did this because over a third of our readers live in countries where English is not the first language.

You can read translations of our site by selecting a language in the floating flag display in the upper-right corner of your browser. I’m sure that the quality of the translations is pretty low. We can’t afford human translators or even the more expensive neural computer translations. However, it is better than nothing. Improving the translations costs $250 a year. That’s more than we can spend right now. At least we are trying to improve our non-English speaking readers’ experience.

Speaking of experience, Mrs. Lion made a valiant effort at oral sex on Friday night. I enjoyed it immensely. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get over the top or even very close to the edge. Still, it was big fun. She’s also left me wild. My Jail Bird remains on my nightstand. I wonder if I should put it into storage again. I’m not signaling that I want to be locked up. I like being wild, but the decision belongs to my lioness. She may have just forgotten it was there. I can’t miss it, since it is right next to the TV remote.

Also, there is a lot that has to be done around the house. I know that Mrs. Lion is not sleeping very well, and that makes doing chores much harder. Yesterday, she mowed much of the lawn. It tends to grow very quickly in the spring. It also rains almost every day, so Mrs. Lion has to get to the grass the second it dries out enough not to clog the mower. She just came in from mowing and is recovering in front of her PC.

Since I lost significant weight, my blood pressure has been quite low. That’s good news and bad news. A little while ago (Saturday at noon), it was 100/60. That’s considered very close to the edge of concern. 90/60 is when it is clinically significant. At that point, I could get dizzy or faint. Yeah, I know; I’m dizzy anyway. The relevance here is that at this blood pressure, I’m going to have difficulty producing a very firm erection. I can live with that for a little while.


  1. I read your blog in English but have checked the Dutch translation. It is excellent. Really it is. So don’t worry.

    1. Author

      Thank you very much! I’ve read that machine translations can be very poor. I’m glad our blog makes it through the machine correctly.

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