Thursday night didn’t turn out as Mrs. Lion predicted. By the time she finished work, she was tired. After resting for a while, she prepared dinner. She commented that it was too late to start sex once we finished. Instead, we watched “80 For Brady.” It’s a combo sports story, chick flick. We both liked it, except that it was about the Patriots winning. We both want them to lose. Nevertheless, it’s a cute story with good acting.

Our readers in other countries are taking advantage of our translations. I’m happy to see that. I wish I knew how good the machine translations are. Hopefully, it makes our site more fun for non-English readers. I’m definitely getting horny. Maybe this weekend, if Mrs. Lion gets more sleep, we can have some fun.

pumping for pleasure

my penis in vacuum penis pump
That’s my cock pulled into an erection by the penis pump

I started my penis vacuum exercise again. I have a cool electric penis pump that does a good, safe job of expanding the spongy tissue that creates erections. As we age, that tissue loses elasticity and makes getting good erections more difficult. When saw the doctor a week ago, my blood pressure was quite low. This is a very good thing in terms of health but not wonderful when it comes to erections. The penis is inflated by blood pumped into it during arousal. If blood pressure is low, inflation is not as good.

Naturally, I want to present Mrs. Lion with a nice, hard cock to suck on. The vacuum pump is supposed to help. I can’t think of any objective way to discover if it actually works. Erections depend on many factors, not just the condition of the erectile tissue. I’m operating on the theory that every little bit helps.

Mrs. Lion wrote about the stress she feels due to issues with her son (“Play With The Lion“). She does her best to hide her feelings, but it is obvious that she is worried. I don’t want to add more pressure because I’m horny. I’ll be fine if I have to wait. I want her to feel good. That has to be the first priority.

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