His Preference

After an absolutely horrible Monday and a rotten start to Tuesday, things finally calmed down at work on Wednesday. It wasn’t work’s fault. I got off to sort of a bad start; then we had to go to DMV to fix the mistake the idiot car dealership made. When I got back online with work, nothing I did was right. I thought it would be over on Tuesday, but I made a huge mistake, and the day was off and running. Yesterday and today have been better.

We haven’t been doing anything sexual, really. We’ve snuggled, and I’ve been giving Weenie some attention, but nothing more than that. I’ve been making dinner later because I can’t get my act together. By the time things settle down again, it’s probably too late for Lion attention. Monday was a bust. I made up time Tuesday night. Last night I made up for leaving a little early tomorrow so I can take the dog to the vet. Tonight should be normal. Maybe we can do something before dinner.

Last night I noticed that it’s been ten days since Lion’s orgasm. He was sick for some of that time. We’ve also been tired for the past few days. Barring us falling asleep after I’m done with work, I’ll either set up the massage table or offer Lion a blow job. I know if I give him a choice between the two, he’ll think he’s calling the shots. But I really want him to tell me which he’d prefer. Either way, there’s still no guarantee he’ll get an orgasm. If he chooses the massage table, he has no say in what I do to him. He’s not really calling the shots. He’s merely stating a preference. Ultimately, it’s up to me to decide what to do.

I think we’re both at the end of our ropes with Nutrisystem. It’s definitely working. Lion has lost over twenty pounds, and I’ve lost thirty, but we’re tired of the same food over and over again. On the other hand, I do like not really cooking. Most of the meals are done in the microwave. A few are in a skillet. But they are heat and eat, with an additional veggie or salad on the side. Going back to real food means actually cooking. I don’t know which is worse.