Another Missed Opportunity

Mrs. Lion has been trying to give me an orgasm for the last few days. I don’t know why I’m not cooperating. Friday was the eleventh day since my last ejaculation. When she unlocked me, I was hard without any help. I wanted to come. I couldn’t. She worked very hard, but I couldn’t get up the hill. I worry that I’m broken. She gives brilliant blow jobs. I’m lucky that she isn’t giving up.

Our blog mostly talks about two things: male chastity and domestic discipline. My posts tend to occur in small groups on one or the other topic. Lately, I’ve been writing about male chastity. Usually, there’s a jump in our readership when I do. This time it fell off a little. Could it be that our readers are more interested in spanking and domestic discipline?

I’m not sure. The way search engines list us is a big factor in how many people visit. Google changes its search algorithms a few times a year. Each time it does, our readership grows or shrinks a little. This is due to how their programs analyze our content and choose to list us. If, for example, we are in the top five results for a search for “male chastity,” a lot more people will end up here. If we are thirtieth, very few find us. Fortunately, many loyal people come here without the help of a search engine. It’s those readers whose interest varies depending on what we write about.

Mrs. Lion usually writes about current events here in the Lions’ den. She faithfully records every detail of our sex and disciplinary lives. Every single orgasm, spanking, and BDSM activity since February 2014 is documented here. My erotic life is fully exposed in our blog.

I’m not sure how much value that delivers to you and our other readers. For my part, I’ve grown used to sharing these most intimate details here. I’m not sure how I would feel if a real-life person connected the dots and struck up a conversation about what we write. The cloak of anonymity makes it possible to share.


  1. I love both the spanking and chastity posts. Very happy to see you back in chastity. Maybe you need more spankings, though, to keep the libido up!

    1. Author

      That’s a good thought. I’m sure Mrs. Lion has plans for me.

  2. I locked from March 19-26. Yesterday my wife told me to take the cage off so she could have access to her property.
    I told her I locked in protest since there was sexual contact at all the weekend before. She does not like me being caged because she can’t have easy access. I complained that she did not even attempt to touch me all week. So for the remainder of the day and into the evening she made up for the lack of activity ending up with a wonderful orgasm for me. Of course, after she had hers!

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