My shoulder finally felt well enough to unlock Lion and try for that orgasm I want him to have. I’m sure he wants it too; he usually wants one. This one is mine, and I’ve been trying to take it, but he’s been stingy. He, of course, thinks he’s broken. I, of course, don’t. He jumps right to broken when he’s having trouble.

It’s a little weird. As soon as I took the cage off, he was hard. I jerked him off under the covers for a few minutes and then asked if he was ready for the orgasm he should have had the other day. He got into position, and off we went. And went and went. I don’t usually time things. If I happen to glance at the clock beforehand, then I know. Otherwise, I go until he has an orgasm or one of us taps out. Sometimes he’ll say he’s not going to get any further. More often, my arm will go numb from being in the same position for too long.

Last night, I thought we were going along well. He started squeezing me with his thighs. That’s usually a sign that we’re close. We didn’t seem to be, though. Then he relaxed his thighs and even let out a sigh. He also got softer. I thought that meant nothing was going to happen, so I stopped. My left arm had been numb for a little bit and my right arm was starting. However, he said he didn’t think he was done. I was torn between continuing and getting the blood flowing in my arms again. I decided I didn’t know how much longer it would take, so we’d stop for the night.

I knew Lion was wild. I usually let him calm down before I tell him to put the ring on. He just can’t help himself. He kept telling me he was wild. Eventually, I told him he could put the ring on any time before bed. He put it right on. Then he reminded me again when he asked if I could lock him up before he went to brush his teeth and take his contacts out. I don’t think he was in any danger of the ring falling off, but I locked him up anyway.

He informed me the other night that he thought he needed waxing. I knew it. I was just ignoring it. He also says he needs a haircut. I guess it’s grooming time in the Lion’s den. Today is for outdoor chores and a ride about in the new car, so I’m doing it tomorrow. I might just leave him caged and try for an oily orgasm while cleaning him up from waxing. He gets really excited, then. Even though I won’t be able to sample the Lion cream, assuming he gives any, I think it’s more important that he gives me the orgasm I’ve been working for and so richly deserve. Does he deserve it? I guess so. But since I put in all this time and effort, it’s my orgasm.

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