Speaking of Spanking

When I was making dinner last night, I realized Lion forgot to set up the coffee pot. In his defense, I was on a long work call that was on-camera and he would have had to waltz his naked butt past to get to the kitchen. However, that’s no excuse. There was plenty of time after my call ended.

After dinner, I told him that I had to set up the coffee pot so I had room for the clean dishes in the dish drainer. He said he he thought he’d set it up. He wasn’t calling me a liar. He really thought he’d done it. The fact that I was setting up the spanking bench was confirmation he hadn’t.

His buns hadn’t been swatted in a while. I won’t call them virgin cheeks, but they were pristine. That is, until I got done with them. They were sore and a tiny bit bloody afterwards. And it was definitely deserved.

Ironically, we both wrote about spanking in our posts yesterday. Toward the end of his, he said he doesn’t like to be let off the hook when he breaks a rule. I read that after I’d already whomped his butt. I definitely didn’t let him off the hook. He may not have had a red butt when he was getting ready for bed, but I bet he still felt it a little. I don’t know if he still feels it. I did hit pretty hard for a while. Even when I wasn’t necessarily hitting hard, I’d throw in a hard swat now and then. I like to surprise him like that.

I don’t think he’ll be forgetting the coffee pot anytime soon. If he does, he’ll be right back on the spanking bench for a refresher course. It may even be a longer spanking. It all depends on how soon he forgets.