I don’t know how it happened, but we both felt good last night. Neither of us was tired. Neither of us had stomach or other issues. Of course, when we started snuggling, I didn’t know Lion was frisky. I haven’t been playing with my weenie. For some reason I decided to see what would happen. It worked.

I asked Lion if he wanted me to make better use of my mouth. He did. I noticed the whiteboard on the bedroom wall said 15 days. Assuming he’s been updating it, his last orgasm was 15 days ago. That’s on the high end of his normal waits. However, we’ve been going through some weird times lately. Between not sleeping well or not feeling well, at least one of us has been out of commission.

Lion likes when I play with his balls and his ass. I started off with his balls to get the party started. I tugged on them while he got excited. Then I moved on to a mixture of playing with his balls and his crack. I wasn’t trying to get my fingers inside, although I have done that in the past. I just wanted to be in the neighborhood. The more excited he got, the more I played with his crack.

I could have been mean and edged him the first time around. Since it had been so long, and who knows when we’ll both feel good at the same time again, I wanted him to have his orgasm. I never time things. I don’t know how long he “normally” takes to have an orgasm. It’s probably different each time. Based on the fact that my neck didn’t hurt and my arm didn’t fall asleep, I think it happened faster last night.

It seemed like a big orgasm. The only problem is that he didn’t share any cream filling with me. I think it’s because he’s afraid I’ll feed it to him. I haven’t done that in a very long time. I’m too stingy with it. I want it all.

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  1. So glad to hear that some good sex is happening for you folks after all the things you have been through.
    My wife brings me to orgasm very rarely. The last time she did so she surprised me and fed me my cream.
    A while back we came up with a sort of “rule” that if I came without her permission, I had to eat it. Sometimes that is the case, I usually don’t want to after the fact and wait to see if she tells me to do so. I get to release so rarely that now I can expect to eat it whether I have permission or not.

    1. Mrs. Lion keeps threatening to make me eat it. So far, she prefers to enjoy it alone. I’m fine with that!

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