I have been tired this weekend. I don’t know why, but I am. We’ve both gotten good sleep, yet here I am on Sunday afternoon, nodding off at my desk. I’m also feeling grumpy. I started reading blogs I follow and found myself growling at the authors’ stubborn single points of view. I know it isn’t them. It’s me.

Since I mentioned it, I am feeling a bit put out by the orthodoxy some people assign to their kinks. Domestic discipline in particular, appears to have advocates who are very sure that they follow the only right path. These men insist that spanking is, for them, purely disciplinary without any sexual roots. They also adopted a pattern that closely resembles maternal punishment.

This pattern has been advocated since the 1930s when the “Spencer Spanking Plan” of marital discipline was published. That plan advocated both spouses spank each other for offenses. In the early days of the Web, the Disciplinary Wives Club site offered a concept of wives spanking husbands. You can still find the site though it hasn’t been updated in many years. The DWC offered good advice on how to spank a man along with lots of sexy stories and disciplinary advice.

The DWC plan is an exact model of maternal punishment down to how to scold the errant husband and the correct position for spanking him. I loved that website. It also provided key advice that helped Mrs. Lion become a more effective disciplinarian. Mrs. Lion is certainly a proper DWC disciplinary wife. Well, almost. She doesn’t scold me.

The big departure between the orthodox DD’ers and me is that I freely admit the sexual roots of my interest in spanking. The idea of being spanked turned me on as long as I can remember. That means, according to the orthodoxy, our practice of domestic discipline is just BDSM sex play. They insist that sex has no part in their interest in DD.

That’s entirely possible. It seems to me that there can be more than one path to domestic discipline. Mine originated with sexual arousal. Some, I am sure, arrived at it because of childhood spankings. Others may have different origins.

Apparently, those who arrived via the parental/maternal punishment path are offended by those of us who got aroused thinking about being spanked. We are impure. I suggest that the reality is that it makes no difference at all how we view DD. I’ve presented lots of photographic evidence that I receive very strict spankings when I break a rule. My behavior has changed for the better since Mrs. Lion started punishing me. Isn’t that what DD is about?

Also, a lot of guys write a lot of words about their domestic discipline without mentioning sex. Instead, they talk about offenses, frequency, and degree of spanking, scolding, etc. They like to talk about it. Me too. I also like to talk about the bait that lured me into DD. They like to discuss the process of discipline. Why?

My point is that there is more to this practice, even for them than simply learning to be better. There is a desire to celebrate the process. Maybe we should all look into why we want to do that? How do we feel when we read and write about it? Is any of it arousing? Fair questions, I think.

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  1. I too, found great guidance from DWC. Too bad she passed several years ago and the site hasn’t been maintained.

    And I also agree in celebrating the practice of DD. I am active in Hermione’s Heart weekly brunch as you probably see. I find comfort and encouragement from the regulars and the rare newbie that peeks out of the closet from time to time.

    1. Author

      I agree. It is very comforting to spend time with others sharing our views.

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