Lion’s New Toy

I don’t think there’s been a week since I started this job that I haven’t had to make up time. Well, maybe that first week, but it was only the three days before Thanksgiving. Usually it’s doctor appointments for Lion. Yesterday, it was for a new car.

Lion wanted to update our hybrid Rav-4 to a plug-in hybrid Rav-4. The car was out of warranty and he worried about it needing repairs. Unfortunately, there is a year and a half wait for plug in Rav-4s. What to do. He lives and dies by Consumer Reports. He jumped back on there and, I think, a few other sites. He came up with Hyundai Tucson.

When it first came out, I wanted a Sante Fe. I liked the style. I liked the bit of height that an SUV gives you. We didn’t have much money when I was desperate for a car, so we got a Hyundai Elantra. It wasn’t a bad car as far as sedans go. It got good gas mileage. It got me to work and back and everywhere else I needed to go. The only problem was that it was an accident magnet.

It was only six months old when I was creamed in a roundabout/traffic circle. The insurance company considered totaling it, but Lion talked them out of it. A year or two later, I was hit by someone who didn’t know what lane she wanted to be in. I told Lion if it was in another accident, I was just walking away from it. We traded it in not long after.

Yesterday, he called a dealership that had a plug-in Tucson hybrid and off we went. Hours and hours later, we were driving home in the Santa Fe’s little brother. And I had time to make up for work.

Naturally, Lion wanted the car plugged in today. While I’m supposed to be working, and despite my saying, I don’t want to do everything in one day. (Things need to be programmed and preferences set.) Here I am at lunch, doing something that should have been simple. How long does it take to plug in a power cord? Not long. However, getting the current set correctly on the charger with less-than-stellar directions takes a long time. Did it matter that it would take longer to charge? We aren’t going anywhere. And if we are, the gas motor works just fine. Nope. Do it now. About six trips back and forth, and the charging current is finally right.

Anyway, Lion has a new toy even though he can’t drive it, and I’m the one running around getting it set up. It sounds suspiciously like the gardens. [Lion — Mrs. Lion is a great sport. I appreciate her doing this. We have a ton of setup steps to take later. We always have this sort of conversation with new things. I’m grateful she is so sweet to me. We also managed to score the only plug-in Tucson in the entire state,]