Get on the Treadmill!

Lion on treadmill

Lion’s leg seems to be doing better. Perhaps I should be a little more cautious, but I think it’s time for him to start on the treadmill. Again, it’s only two days a week, and it’s up to him how long he can manage to walk each time. Starting Sunday, he can pick any two days until the following Saturday. He can’t decide to do Saturday of this week and Sunday of next week. Nope. It goes from Sunday to Saturday.

I don’t think he’s interrupted me lately. I know he doesn’t want a repeat visit to the spanking bench. He may be on his best behavior. Last night he said he still had some sore spots on his tush. Obviously, more swats would make it worse. He’s got to watch himself, at least until he can sit comfortably.

According to the whiteboard in the bedroom, it’s been five days since Lion’s last orgasm. He says he’s horny again. The problem is that I’ve been making up time at work because I left early for his appointment, and he’s been snoozing a lot. By the time I get around to giving him attention, it’s pretty late. I’m not saying he missed his chance because he snoozed. I’m going by his statements that sex is better earlier in the day/evening. If he wants to amend that and say sex later is possible if he’s had a good snooze, then we can certainly do that. Next week I should be back on a normal work schedule. Between that and the weekend, we should be able to get back on track.