Feeling Charitable

We saw somewhere that Jersey Mike’s sub shop is giving 100% of sales to local charities today. Lion suggested we go off the rails and get subs for lunch. I’m pretty sure, calorie-wise, we aren’t allowed to eat anything else today. It was worth it though.

Lion is still sleeping a lot. His tummy is better, but that doesn’t keep him awake. I was tired yesterday and I’m tired again today. We’re both wondering if Lion is/was sick, and now we’re wondering if I’m sick too. I guess we could burn a few COVID tests to be sure. We’re probably not sleeping well again. Maybe that’s why Lion hasn’t made it to orgasm yet.

Since we gave to charities at lunch, maybe I’ll be charitable and unlock Lion for some exercise. He hasn’t been using the treadmill as instructed. I had it buried for a few weeks and then he hasn’t been feeling well. I can’t punish him for it if there’s a valid excuse. He’ll just have to get his exercise another way. I doubt it will burn many calories, but it still counts.

For some reason, the screw on his cage keeps coming loose. He tells me he has a screw loose. I’ve known that for a long time. I threatened to use some Loc-tite on it. That would solve the problem, but then it might never come out again. We don’t want that.

I need to work on him to get my orgasm. By the time I get it, maybe he’ll have a reserve of cream filling for me. He’s been very stingy the last few times. Oddly enough, when I haven’t been able to get him to the edge lately, I swear I taste pre-cum. Maybe it’s wishful thinking. I do love a mouthful of Lion cream.