me, tied spread-eagle on the bed with clothespins on my balls

My libido has been elusive lately. Mrs. Lion is convinced that there is nothing wrong with me. I’m not so sure. It’s true that I tend to snooze in the evening after dinner. I don’t think it’s because I’m comfortable. I’m just tired. I’m sure I’ll fall asleep in the living room too. I’m not sleeping very well at night. That’s the real reason.

Mrs. Lion prefers to offer sexual stimulation after dinner. Isn’t that when I often fall asleep? Ah ha! Maybe that is part of my missing libido. Let me say that I’m not sure this theory is correct. Maybe I’m losing interest in sex. She’s right in assuming that’s not true. We have a few more things to try before declaring my libido dead.

It may be that my libido is on vacation. There are all sorts of reasons that a man can lose interest in sex. We aren’t the simple critters women assume us to be. We can get bored. I learned that too much of the same thing–handjobs–stopped working for me. It took a very long time (7 years of nearly-daily edging and ejaculating), but it happened. Mrs. Lion turned to oral sex. That worked very well for a while. What’s missing?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. For me, at least, the missing element is anticipation. Mrs. Lion seems to think that going for my penis and stimulating it should work. It hasn’t. If she puts it in her mouth, I’ll probably get hard. Oral sex is still a great-feeling novelty. Going directly for the gold isn’t foolproof for men over fifty. Then what works?

Two things come immediately to mind: suspense and creativity. I know. You’re saying, “Duh!” The problem is to understand what that means. Mrs. Lion is lucky in that she knows some things that always worked in the past. The problem for her is that those things take energy and time. The biggie that we have done fewer times than you can count on one hand is bondage. I find it exciting to be tied, spread-eagle to the bed. That takes time to find the cuffs and bed attachments and energy to tie me down. In the past, it always worked for me.

Once I am helpless on the bed, it’s easy to build suspense. There’s always the much-talked-about IcyHot. That provides fifteen-to-twenty minutes of intense sensation. There are lots of things that Mrs. Lion does when I’m not tied down that become more interesting when I am. She could even end the session by locking me in a chastity device before releasing me. Suspense. Creativity.

Anal play, particularly consistent anal play is effective in getting my attention. If I know that I will regularly be pegged with a plug. for example, if Mrs. Lion drops hints that’s what’s coming, suspense builds. Even if she says nothing, I know that chances are good I will get a rear visit before any front action. These are my ideas. I’m sure Mrs. Lion has her own or can find others on the Web.

The biggest idea is when we do this. I think that, at least for now, I need the early bird special: Sex at 5:30, not nine. Maybe this will jump-start my ailing sex drive.

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  1. When we hit the 50s, a lot of the problem with a flagging libido can be physical. Blood vessels start getting more rigid, restricting blood flow. Testosterone levels drop. Regular exercise can be a huge help. Particularly hard weight workouts, which can raise testosterone levels. I’m also a big fan of cold showers for raising testosterone and the level of certain other “feel good” hormones.

    1. Author

      Interesting ideas. I had my testosterone level checked and it is normal. I have an automated penis pump that I use regularly. I agree that more exercise will help. We’re both dieting and losing weight. I think that my big issue is that I’m bored with the same old, same old. Mrs. Lion is going to try to fix that. It that doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to give up.

  2. I think you should have Mrs. Lion lock you in chastity for at least two weeks. Zero unlocking even for cleaning. That may get you ready for some good “creaming”.

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