When I write, suspense is not giving the readers what they want, holding them off as long as possible. For me, it is the agonizing wait for release. Feeling Mrs. Lion suck or rub my cock until I’m sure I will explode and have my orgasm. I feel it coming. There’s the tingle near the head of my penis. My toes curl, and my breath catches. I’m almost there! Just a little more. Please, please!

Then she stops. There’s a little jab of pain where the tingle was before. I was so close! Then she starts again. Will I get over the top? I’m ready. I’m ready! The toes tingle and my breath catches. She stops again! Occasionally, she goes just a bit more. Toes, tingle, breath, and a slightly painful muscle pull in my right thigh. She stops, but I can’t. The same painful fall from the top, but this time it’s different. Semen drips from my penis. I fall lower and lower. I know she can’t bring me back. My suspense has ended with the indignity of a ruined orgasm.

Some men can be brought back and suffer more than one. I can’t. The ability of a male to reach orgasm is partly dependent on his semen supply. If it’s low, the first ruined orgasm empties the reservoir. Those fortunate enough to have a larger supply can repeat the process until they run out of juice.

Suspense is sensing the outcome is near and feeling a growing tension that something will happen to satisfy. Waiting is the friend of suspense. Suspense is riding up that long first hill on a roller coaster. The chain clicking the moments before you meet your fate of falling down that impossibly steep incline. Why did I decide to ride this? Click, click, click. Oh God, I have to crane my neck to see the top. It’s so high! Click, click, click. We are at the top. Time stands still. Then, we fall. I’m weightless in my seat. Only the safety bar keeps me in the car. Everyone screams! Then we are at the bottom, and we are climbing another hill. Oh, no!

We crave suspense even though we hate it at the same time. I want that orgasm. Please, please let me reach nirvana! Click, click, click. I’m almost there! Please, Please! I can see the top!

“Sorry, not tonight, dear.”