When I started to list off our lunch choices, Lion interrupted me. I guess he wanted to extend his punishment day spanking to the full ten-minute real punishment. He said he didn’t know he was interrupting. Obviously. I hope he wouldn’t do it intentionally unless it was something important like my hair being on fire. But he did it and now must deal with the consequences.

In this morning’s post, Lion talked about my iPad usage. He’s complained about this before and I cut down a lot. Then, I’d be watching TV, holding his hand, and he’d be snoozing. Sometimes he’d snooze while we were snuggling. When I brought that up, he said it shows how comfortable we are with each other. I guess that’s true. Sometimes I fall asleep while we’re snuggling. On the other hand, isn’t his falling asleep and leaving me watching TV sort of the same as me being on my iPad leaving him watching TV?

He’ll say he doesn’t intentionally fall asleep. He’ll say that I can wake him up. I believe he doesn’t do it intentionally. However, it doesn’t always work when I try to wake him. Other times, he wakes up but goes right back to sleep. It wasn’t really a quid pro quo, but I decided to use my iPad while he slept, and then it just became habit to always use it again. I went overboard. I can reel it back in.

As far as Lion’s snoozing is concerned, I know “old” people fall asleep in front of the TV all the time. I don’t know if there’s a solution to Lion’s naps. I know. He’s a big cat and big cats sleep a lot. I wondered, a few posts back, whether sitting in the living room would curb his ability to fall asleep. If I remember correctly, he’s said he doesn’t like to use the living room because it’s not comfortable. Maybe that’s precisely why we need to use it. Maybe he won’t fall asleep so often if he isn’t comfortable. I’m sure it will take some getting used to, but the couch isn’t that bad. It’s a loveseat so we’ll be closer together than in bed. There’s no gap between the cushions.

What do you think, Lion?

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