By the time I got home from my errand last night, it was time to make dinner. Lion was snuggled in bed watching TV. I didn’t even think to spank him. After dinner, he asked if we could have watermelon. The container of watermelon sat between us for a while.

For some reason, if Lion wants dessert immediately after dinner, I take it as a sign that he’s not looking for fun. He’s never said it. He’s probably never even thought it. The only reason I can point to is that we normally take a few minutes to digest. If he’s still eating, he isn’t digesting. Ergo, no fun will be had. [Lion — I like dessert right after the main course. Wanting that has nothing to do with what to do after that.]

We watched TV, and Lion snoozed a bit. I still haven’t cleaned out the living room so I can test my theory about his snoozing because he’s so comfortable in bed. I think he’ll probably snooze in the living room too. He just won’t be as cozy. It will certainly confuse the dog. We haven’t used the living room since she’s been here.

Lion is concerned about our diet and the fact that we aren’t losing weight as we should. He thinks we should continue on the Nutrisystem path. We’re coming up on a month, and I’ve lost about eight or ten pounds. I know the first few pounds are supposed to be easy, so you get suckered into thinking it will be a breeze to lose weight. I also know a good rule of thumb is losing about two pounds a week. If that’s true, then I’m right on schedule. I understand his concern, though. Will we be able to handle eating regular food without gaining back what we’ve lost? I don’t know.

I have a vague memory of someone suggesting I swat Lion if he doesn’t use the treadmill. Maybe I should implement that. Not that I shouldn’t be doing it too, but I think it would especially benefit him. If he can strengthen his legs, he may improve his balance somewhat. That can help him better navigate through to minefield of toys the dog leaves all over the place.

What do you think, my pet? [Lion — I suppose.]

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  1. Slacking we become mindful when we lose weight but when the body hits the wall and no sign of lost and the body ask the question for food to feed the fat cell we go back to the old ways or give up by staying mindfulness to the deit this been for yourself or medic reason As couple you can be help to each other.
    I know that I made the a comment to put Lion on the treadmill and paddle swatting his behind and remember you both have mentioned a spice to heat things up and did said to switching .
    Targets are good to reach chastity is a way so while not spanking.

  2. My wife has a treadmill that she used for a while, but has not used for years. One day she had me run on the treadmill naked while she swatted me. That was fun and I hoped to do it again, but as with most things she does it was a one time event.

    1. Mrs. Lion is usually consistent when she decides to do something. She hasn’t told me that the treadmill is a rule yet.

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