Weenie Donuts

Lion wants to play earlier in the day. The problem is that we are usually out exploring in the afternoon. And, since I’m the one doing the driving, I’m usually tired in the evening. Last night we had a very late dinner, a half hour drive back to the camper and had watermelon for dessert. When I said my stomach was too full of watermelon, Lion groaned. He was hoping I was feeling frisky.

As you know, it’s been a long time since I’ve been frisky. I assume he meant he was hoping I was in the mood to tend to him because he was feeling frisky. That’s two very different things. Yes, I was tired. Yes, my stomach was full of watermelon. Yes, I was a little annoyed by his needs. No, I didn’t tell him. No, I didn’t deny him.

There isn’t really a way to avoid the scratch on my weenie. I guess I avoided it for a little bit, but then I just kept hitting it. I’m not sure we would have gotten anywhere anyway because it was so late, but I get credit for trying.

We both had trouble sleeping last night again. It’s been down in the 40s at night and we can’t seem to get the heat right. 69 is too cool. 71 is too hot. You’d think 70 would be just right but it’s not. We have a memory foam mattress in the camper and the pillows we have don’t always cooperate. I did fall asleep for a while and then Lion was up again, or the dog needed to go out. It’s all a blur.

Today was supposed to be nice. We planned to drive to Portland for some Voodoo Donuts and eat at Cracker Barrel. We had downpours overnight and rain in the morning. Now it’s noon and the sun is out. I guess we’re heading for Portland after all.

I still owe Lion swats for spilling food on his shirt. Whether I swat him later is all dependent on how I feel. Lack of sleep and abundance of driving don’t bode well. I’d like a nice, relaxing vacation but Lion says we can sit around at home. Vacations are for doing things. Says the man who can’t drive at the moment, but usually doesn’t anyway.

I do want donuts. Maybe I’ll get the obscene ones. They make a penis and balls donut. Yum!


  1. Lol. Where do you go to get your donuts?? I’m fairly certain that my donut stores don’t carry that particularly shaped donut…😜

    1. Author

      Voodoo Doughnut in Portland has all sorts of interesting donuts.

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