Lost Saturday

Saturday morning I was greeted with an email from my cloud provider. It informed me that my instance (virtual computer) that hosts this blog was unstable. It might be unreachable, and my provider said that it would be maintained. OK, good. Why bother me? It said that the computer would not be running and I would have to start it. Oh shit. In other words, the blog would go down until I discovered it was gone. They didn’t suggest the absolutely simplest way to deal with the problem I made a backup of everything and started a new virtual computer and loaded the backup on to it. Problem solved. We are now on the new instance.

That took the better part of an hour to do and test. I then went to the virtual server that hosts our statistics program. It had a big banner across the top informing me that the version of the programming language it uses was no longer supported. I was advised to update to a new version and reload the program. That was not so easy. I had to create a new instance and install the program. That also included configuring the web server and adding the maintenance programs I use. I also had to export the data from the old instance an set up a database for the new one. That took me until 7:30 on Saturday night.

Mrs. Lion didn’t spank me, and I was in no mood for sex. Today is Sunday, and the technical work is done. We have a couple chores to do. We have to change the water in our hydroponic tomato and strawberry farms, and Mrs. Lion plans to wax me. She didn’t mention spanking. While we were eating breakfast, she suggested that I watch an opera while the wax melts. That takes a couple of hours. She bought me a year’s subscription to the Metropolitan Opera streaming service as a Christmas present. I’m thinking of watching “The Marriage of Figaro” today.

Blogging isn’t a matter of writing posts. I suppose that if you use Blogger or WordPress.com, you don’t have too much technical stuff to do. You can still get into trouble even on those services. Collared Michael’s blog has been down for weeks. I sent him an email, but he hasn’t replied. I hope he is OK.

It’s nearly 1:30, and we haven’t started anything. I better get off my ass and mix plant food.