Time For Her To Take A Stand

If you noticed interruptions in our service, it’s because we are moving to a newer version of some software and that requires some major work on the site. I don’t expect much trouble, but if you can’t reach us, try again in a few minutes. I still have a couple of tricky issues to solve in the next few days.

Mrs. Lion gave me a great blowjob on Sunday night. She worked hard and made it amazing for me. We also spent a lot of time snuggling and holding hands. We had a very good Sunday.

She read my post from yesterday morning, “The Best Reasons To Spank Me.” So far, she hasn’t commented beyond acknowledging that she read it. Between her needing to get extra work done and my website tinkering, she didn’t write a post yesterday afternoon. More often than not, she’ll talk about her thinking on my proposals in that post. I wonder if correcting me for more meaningful issues is just as difficult as punishing me for annoying her.

Some people have suggested that our rather trivial rules could be more an excuse to exercise a spanking fetish than true domestic discipline. We don’t think so, but there is something to be said about what does and doesn’t get punished here. So far, Mrs. Lion only punishes me for breaking rules that have no emotional loading for either of us. I don’t feel particularly guilty if I forget to set up the coffee or leave the shower door open. However, I am punished every time I do, so I’ve learned to be good about doing those things. How are they different from rules about arrogance, interrupting, and not using the treadmill?

The main difference I see is that those rules involve emotional issues for me. Well, the treadmill doesn’t, but that’s a different matter. The point is that these are not trivial issues. All represent opportunities for me to improve. They also are things I’ve resisted changing in the past. Is Mrs. Lion worried that I will be angry with her if she enforces them? Might I rebel and withdraw?

Those are potential risks, given that she’s never taken a proactive stand about anything I might resist. She spoils me. I love it, but I also think it’s time for some lioness risk-taking. There’s no doubt that enhancing our domestic discipline to deal with these more-serious issues will challenge her resolve to stand up to me. I don’t think I would refuse to accept her punishment, no matter how grumpy calling me out makes me. I also think that putting her foot down in more serious areas might bring us closer as well.


  1. Be careful what you wish for!

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      Yeah, I know.

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