I get a sneak preview of Lion’s posts before they’re published. He usually has a chance to look at mine too. We give each other feedback and attempt to make sure there are no typos. Since we sometimes feel more comfortable broaching a subject in a post than face to face, these previews are often the first time we see a problem. I won’t say that’s how I found out about Lion’s issue of my being on my iPad so much, but it is how I realized it was such a problem.

A few days ago I said I needed to get off my iPad and pay more attention to Lion. I said it was a bad habit I picked back up while he was recovering. While he was snoozing, watching TV, or just not interested in sex or much of anything, it was easy for me to lose myself in my games. I got very interested in some games I haven’t played in a while. I just know I can beat that damn level so I try it again and again, and again. And again! It’s easy to lose track of time. I’ve also been doing some shopping. Last night, after reading his post on my iPad (ironically), I set it aside to snuggle and otherwise spend time with Lion. Yesterday I said I was going to have to practice more with the tawse and floppier whomping implements. I brought out the tawse and Lion was less than enthused with the idea. When we snuggled, he was very itchy and not able to have me very close. Usually I’m the one who needs to move because I get too hot or achy. We did keep holding hands until he fell asleep.

I figured it was a little nap so I waited. After ten minutes or so, I figured I would be forgiven for going on the iPad as long as I stopped when he woke up. I’m not ignoring him if he’s sleeping. He apologized when he woke up. There’s no need to apologize. He needed sleep. I don’t think he was ignoring me while he was sleeping.

I don’t think Lion is wrong for asking me to put down the iPad. I don’t think he’s wrong for sleeping. I think he’s wrong to be worried that I’m bored with him. I’m not planning on leaving him. I am trying to get back in the swing of things in terms of chastity and domestic discipline. We’ll work this all out. It just takes a little time.