I had a lot of fun on Tuesday. Mrs.Lion spanked me for five minutes. She was gentle, so it felt more like a play spanking. That was followed by a nice handjob. Mrs. Lion used light mineral oil to lube me up. It was big fun.  It feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve been spontaneous in our touching and snuggling. I blame our bed(s) for this. When we had a regular king-sized bed, it was very easy to touch in one way or another without any fuss or bother. Our current split-king–two xl singles next to one another–puts a kind of valley between us and makes it hard for us to congregate in the middle of the bed.

As you can see in the image, there is a gap between the mattresses. Even if we adjust them so they are at the same angle, it’s difficult to snuggle. We like the ability to adjust the beds. I generally stay up later than Mrs. Lion and keep my bed up so I can watch TV while she flattens hers to go to sleep. This wouldn’t be possible on a single mattress.

There are products that claim to “fill” the gap. I’m not sure that’s the answer. We have separate bottom sheets and a king-sized top sheet and comforter. Assuming there is a way to update the bed, it will cost a lot. Sleep Number mattresses are in the $2,000 range. Unless I sell a book, we probably can’t afford to do it, even if it is possible.

There’s another issue that has nothing to do with the bed. I watch TV and Mrs. Lion spends her entire evening with her head in her iPad. It’s impossible to snuggle while on Facebook or playing a game. Granted, the TV shows don’t require full attention, but being present with me isn’t possible as long as the iPad is king. This has been going on a very long time. Mrs. Lion is addicted to Facebook and iPad games. It may not seem like a problem, but the screen is a major distraction. By definition, it’s solitary. TV may be sort of mind-numbing, but it is a shared experience.

It would be unfair for me to demand that she abandon her Facebook habit. Maybe she can limit her screen time, so she is available for at least part of the evening. I don’t think she realizes what a barrier that iPad is. I hope we can work out a better way to be together.

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  1. Once again I can relate so well to this. My wife has a Facebook and Youtube habit. She uses her phone for this and it is always with her. I get so frustrated when she can’t find the time to give me a one minute spanking let alone 5 minutes when she spends endless amount of time watching videos about everything under the sun. When she isn’t watching something she listens to books on tape so I feel like she is always listening to someone else so I am actually jealous of those attentions. How can I compete with all that?

    1. Author

      Last night, Mrs. Lion put down her iPad for almost the entire evening. It was great! No matter how much she loves her games and Facebook, She always has time to spank me.

  2. That’s great!!! I just happened to see an advice column in the paper where the discussion was about “phubbing” which apparently is ignoring people around you while being totally focused on your phone or tablet. Glad to hear that Mrs. Lion set aside phubbing for spanking.

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