A Good Night For Lion

I forgot I have to make up an hour a day at work because I left early for Lion’s doctor appointment on Monday. I had just made a mistake and was asking for help when Lion wondered what time I was planning on spanking him. I realized then it was already 4:30, but I needed to fix my mistake. Then I remembered I had to make up time. I was stuck until 5:30.

As soon as I finished repairing my boo-boo I could spank him so he could shower. He decided to put off his shower because I said I was going to slather him with lube. I was really only going to use it on my weenie, but he opted for a shower after the festivities anyway. I don’t usually take an afternoon break so I snuck away for five minutes to give him his punishment day spanking. That way he had a little while to recover. He doesn’t really need much time. It’s not like it’s a full punishment spanking.

After work, I set up the massage table. Rather than using lube, I decided to use the same oil I use for waxing. If Lion was showering anyway, he could get rid of the oil easily. I think it’s slipperier than lube too. Before I got that far, I rubbed him all over. I don’t think it did anything for him, but I liked feeling close to him. Of course I spent some time on weenie and the boys.

When I thought he was ready, I oiled up my hands. One good thing about slippery hands is that I couldn’t pinch his nipples. He hates when I do it so he was happy to have that off the table. And he was glad to have my slippery hands on my weenie.

Whether I use lube or not, I have a problem keeping my strokes even. The other day I went too slow to keep him interested. Too fast is no good either. GoldiLion likes it just right. I get caught up listening or watching for cues that he’s getting close, and I don’t realize I’ve sped up or slowed down. I must have been doing something right because he had a nice orgasm. He even gave me some cream filling. Oil be damned, I lapped it up.

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