Red Light Sunday

There was no sex on Sunday. I was a little surprised because Mrs. Lion spent a lot of time on Saturday masturbating me. I didn’t orgasm. I thought that we would continue with some activity on Sunday, but we didn’t. I asked Mrs. Lion how she was feeling. She said, “OK.” I didn’t want to ask for sex in case her “OK” wasn’t totally accurate. I wasn’t desperately horny and didn’t feel bad that she didn’t follow through. I’m not sure how to interpret her signals or lack of them. It may be that sexual attention for me isn’t top of mind for her. Should I remind her? Do we need our red-light/green-light signal?

We are both losing weight. Our bathroom scale keeps delivering inconsistent results for Mrs. Lion. It seems accurate for me. We’re getting a new, top-rated scale. Hopefully, that will fix the problem. Regardless of our scale’s accuracy, we are both losing our winter weight.

We watched the NFC playoff game on Sunday night. Mrs. Lion was silent about playing our NFL game. I mentioned it, but she ignored my comment. I reminded her that we were up to eleven swats per point or sack. She didn’t reply. I wonder if she is feeling OK. Our Nutrisystem diet doesn’t seem to agree with her. Maybe that was why she ignored my very unsubtle hints.

I like things to be in the open. If Mrs. Lion doesn’t feel up to sex, I wish she would tell me. I hate spending a day waiting for the shoe to drop. Maybe she doesn’t remember. She won’t say. She does seem to remember to spank me. Sex is another matter.

I need both. In fairness, I don’t get as aroused as I should when she jerks me off. Maybe my libido is at fault. It can’t be much fun for her to deal with a half-hard penis. It isn’t Mrs. Lion’s job to figure out what turns me on. I don’t know what is guaranteed to work. Perhaps the best idea is to wait until I do.

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