This Is Why I Don’t Promise Things

True to form, we didn’t play last night. We got home from Lion’s appointment and I started doings things around the house. Lion watched TV while waiting for the dilation drops to wear off. Two things needed to happen that were time sensitive. Well, three, but two absolutes. I needed to get the garbage out to the curb and I needed to change the bed. Obviously, I can’t change the bed with Lion in it, so that waited until he was in the shower. The third thing, that only occurred to me after I made the bed, was that it was punishment day. If I swatted him when he got out of the shower, then we couldn’t play. If I didn’t swat him, I’d be breaking another promise. So, I did what I always do when faced with a decision with no winners, I did nothing. Actually, that’s not entirely true. As I was heading to make dinner, I told Lion I was postponing his spanking to today so we could play after dinner. He told me we didn’t have to play. See? No winner.

Now, here we are on Tuesday, with a spanking due and I still haven’t played with Lion. Yes, the thought did occur to me that I can spank him after we play. That seems anticlimactic. Sort of like continuing to jerk him off after he’s cum. Why do it? That’s just mean. However, I do owe him both. Maybe I’ll spank him just before his shower. That will give him a few minutes to “recover”.

For days, I’ve been thinking about jerking him off with lube. I’ve also been thinking about rubbing the lube all over him. Of course, that’s a bit too messy if he’s just had a shower. I don’t even know if he’d like to be rubbed/massaged all over, much less with lube. We’re not really touch-feely people. I could always do it anyway. He’ll just have to suffer through having me touch him all over.