Another thing Lion and I seem to do well together is lose weight. He was nervous the past two weeks because he was sure he’d gained weight. He was dreading another punishment. Luckily he squeaked by with a .2 pound loss. I did a little better with a four pound loss. Good thing, for him, we aren’t seeing which one of us is the biggest loser each week. He reminded me that he’s been losing weight for some time so dramatic changes aren’t likely. I’ve been losing weight (twenty-eight pounds) for about six months too. I’ll take whatever loss either of us can get.

I’m hoping, with the discovery that carbs make us snooze, that we can be more awake and alert as we lose weight. I think the next step for both of us is to actually start working out rather than just talking about it. Maybe some of that not-snoozing time can be spent on the treadmill or taking walks as the weather gets nicer. And, who knows, maybe some of that energy will be used for play purposes.

Not only do I want to walk, but I want to do some sort of strength training. Lion doesn’t want me to bulk up my whomping arm, I’m sure. But getting in shape will help with everything. The big thing is that if I lose weight and look better, I may want sex again. Maybe. My thought all along has been that I don’t like the way I look, my body is achy, and sex is uncomfortable when your stomach gets in the way. That’s the theory at least. If nothing else, maybe my blood pressure will go down, I’ll have more energy and I’ll be able to do more to make Lion happy.

We’re actually losing weight for ourselves and each other. We want to be together for a long time. Getting healthy is the best way to accomplish that.