Yesterday was a bust. Once the power went out, all bets were off the table. Between setting up the generator, shutting it off, putting cords away and resetting the various clocks and other equipment that goes nuts when the power fails, I was done for the night. We’ll, not exactly done. I still had to make dinner and make Lion’s packets of medicine. But then I was done.

Tonight doesn’t look much better. Lion’s phone isn’t charging correctly. We have an appointment to drop it off. We’ll probably get dinner while we’re out. I have no idea when we’ll get home, but it’s likely we’ll both be tired. Truth be told, we both started out the day tired. Lion didn’t get to sleep till 3 am. I slept, but apparently not well. I’d say it’s a pretty good bet tonight will be a bust as well.

Of course, I’m speaking purely from a sex point of view. We’ll still snuggle or hold hands, but there won’t be any sexy fun time for Lion. We’ll have to push that off until tomorrow. I’m hoping nothing will come up and I can set up the massage table. I still have to find the Velcro. Perhaps, since we’ll be near Home Depot tonight, I should just buy some. Lion disagrees. He thinks I should take my time finding the stuff we have. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he’s been hiding it from me. He knows I’ll just get more eventually.

Our first shipment of Nutrisystem is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I think the frozen food comes tomorrow and the rest on Thursday. I don’t know if we’ll start tomorrow or wait until we have all the food. It doesn’t really matter. I assume it will all average out in the end. We did Nutrisystem a bunch of years ago. I don’t remember if we lost weight. We only did dinner that time. We were free to eat whatever bad-for-us stuff we wanted for breakfast and lunch. This time we’re doing all meals and snacks. Prepare for me to be very unhappy. Who knows. I might just come up with more rules and actually enforce them because I’ll be hangry.

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