Living Through Another Power Failure And An Idea For our NFL Game

Yesterday was difficult. We had wind which, of course, brought a four-hour power failure. That required Mrs. Lion to get out the generator and associated wiring. She had a headache by the time she finished setting it up. Once we are on our own power, we have most of what we need. Our freezer and fridge work. We have light and power for Mrs. Lion’s office, and the bedroom has light and TV. Since we cut the cord, we need internet to watch TV, but we can generally get that from our phones when the cable is out. All this nonsense distracted us from our usual routine. Mrs. Lion was even more short-tempered than usual with the dog. I’m hoping that tonight we can get back to normal.

In her post yesterday, “Let’s Take Our Time,” Mrs. Lion made some good points about our sexual history. I blame myself for her loss of interest.  I didn’t do enough to turn her on. She said that her concern about resuming lioness orgasms is that she will feel forced. I think we need to look at that and see if we can figure out a way for things to feel good for both of us. Meanwhile, we can keep talking and figure things out.

We played our NFL game on Sunday. Mrs. Lion expected the Giants to lose by a million points. She brought a very lightweight paddle to the bed. I ended up getting a lot of swats. We were up to nine swats per point or 63 swats per touchdown. The lightweight paddle made that easy to take. The next game is a playoff, and since the Giants lost on Sunday, we are up to ten swats per point. If Mrs. Lion goes back to a more serious paddle, it could be a much more painful game.

I was thinking that maybe she should use two different paddles, a lighter paddle for hometeam touchdowns and a mean paddle when the other team scores. That would certainly add interest to the game.