A Spanking To Remember

I really can’t complain. After all, I opened my big mouth and told Mrs.Lion. She listened. On Wednesday night, I was spanked for interrupting her. She took my advice and used a variety of wood paddles. I yelped right from the start. By the time she finished, I was very sore and grumpy. Today (Thursday), it hurts to sit no matter how I shift in my chair. There are leathery patches on my poor bottom.

I know, I know. I wrote that leather and silicone paddles didn’t hurt as much as wood. I was right. Mrs. Lion didn’t talk much during my spanking except to remind me that it was supposed to hurt. Of course, she was right. I called “Yellow” once. She backed off a little and went back to hard swats. It was the longest ten minutes I can remember. I was upset by the time she finished. I’m usually in good spirits and compliment her on my punishment.

Not this time.

Oh no. I was very unhappy by the time she was done. I was still pretty unhappy when we got up. Maybe I deserve a refresher spanking for being so grumpy. Thursday is punishment day. My mood is probably the highest tribute I can pay to a lioness spanking. There was absolutely no question in my mind that I was being punished. I hated it and wondered why I agreed to domestic discipline. I can’t remember having those thoughts before during a spanking.

I kept thinking that I had agreed to all this. Am I crazy? I may be crazy, but my decision to accept Mrs. Lion’s authority and punishments is a good one. This last spanking was exactly what I needed. Mrs. Lion was in complete control. I was strapped down. She wanted me to feel every swat. I did. At one point, she said that only five minutes had passed. I was sure that my ten minutes were almost done. My heart sank. Finally, after the timer went off, she kept spanking. Oh no! She went on and on.

When she was done and the straps came off, all I wanted to do was get away and under the covers. I’m not sure how Mrs. Lion felt. I hope she didn’t feel guilty for hurting me. While I hated it, she gave me exactly what I needed. I certainly didn’t want it. That’s not the point.


  1. I am so glad to hear of your wonderful punishment!!!

  2. Be careful about what you desire. And, by the way, spankings, or paddlings, are SUPPOSED to HURT. If it doesn’t, then you weren’t thoroughly punished. I have heard it said that a spanking as punishment doesn’t really begin until the offender very much wants it to end, as in your case. I would add, until the offender sheds tears, though that is not possible with many men. BTW : what kind of furniture or device were you strapped down to by your lioness?

  3. Mrs. Lion has nothing to blame herself for, because you yourself agreed to domestic discipline.

    1. Author

      That was never in doubt.

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