Lion did not get a punishment day spanking last night. He was still sore from his actual punishment, and I didn’t want to add insult to injury. By rights, I suppose I should have punished him for his reaction to his punishment spanking. He made me feel bad. But, again, I didn’t want to add insult to injury. On the plus side, he says he has some bruises, so I know I did a good job. I guess his foul mood was an indication I did a good job, too.

Tomorrow is punishment day again. It’s also football day. I don’t know which way he’ll get more swats, but we’ll be playing the football swat game. We don’t have many weeks left of the season and we have to make the most of what we have. I’ve lost track of how many swats he gets per point. I know it was tied to the number of losses somehow. I think there was a base of three swats and then we added in the number of losses. Whether that was the rationale or not, he’ll get eight swats per point and eight swats for each sack against our quarterback. He may wish I opted for the five-minute punishment day spanking.

I was supposed to wax him last Sunday. That was too much given the fact that I’d just gotten home late Saturday. Monday didn’t work. I had other things that needed to be done. Tuesday didn’t work either. By Wednesday, I’d decided to push it off until today. My new company is very generous with holidays. Even though Christmas is on Sunday, they give us Friday and Monday off. Hence, I have a free day to wax Lion.

Last night, when I was idly playing with my weenie under the covers, I mentioned that he’d have the benefit of an oily hand job today. My last stop on the “cleaning the wax off” train is a liberal amount of oil on my weenie. Once it’s slippery, I can make Lion very hard. He just had an orgasm a few days ago, so I’m not too sure how horny he’ll be. However, he usually gets hard when I clean him off with oil. It’s the best part of waxing him.

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