wife spanks husband on bed

Yesterday I interrupted Mrs. Lion. She growled a bit, then nothing. I waited to see if there would be a spanking in my future. She didn’t say anything, so I asked if I was in trouble. She said I was. This will be my first punishment spanking in three months. I’m either becoming better behaved, or Mrs. Lion isn’t catching me when I annoy her. I’m sure that she isn’t catching me. I had to self-report this time. I suppose that isn’t too important in the scheme of things. I was tempted not to ask her since I knew what would happen if I did.

There’s an ongoing debate about self-reporting. Some guys believe that failing to self report is punishable and that their partners should spank them if caught. That seems a little odd to me. It would mean that Mrs. Lion would purposely fail to tell me when I earn a spanking as a way to train me to self report. I don’t think she’s that sneaky. I don’t particularly like reporting my own offenses. It breaks the catch-and-punish game that Mrs. Lion likes to play.

In the current situation, Mrs. Lion did catch me. She didn’t follow through with assigning a spanking. I didn’t really self-report. I was caught. I helped fill in the gap that we’ve been experiencing. Mrs. Lion has trouble spanking me for annoying her. Other women have reported the same problem. I used to think it was a psychological issue with feeling good about punishing annoying behavior. Now, I’m not so sure. I think it’s just developing a new habit.

Mrs. Lion has absolutely no problem spanking me. I’m very sure she wouldn’t feel guilty about spanking me for something she considers small. I get beaten for leaving the shower door open. The issue is much simpler. It took time for Mrs. Lion to punish me for missing a chore. Once she developed that connection, she never missed it. I think it’s no different with annoying her. If she spanks me every time I do it, she will develop that habit too. I’ll have to help and remind her until she does. Every time she growls at me, I will ask her if I am to be spanked. I’m sure she’ll say yes. Practice makes perfect.

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